Configuration Chicago believes great service goes beyond designing and furnishing the perfect office space, but great service extends to the community and the environment. So, we strive to do our part in preserving the earth by participating in the ReEntry® carpet reclamation program.

CCI is proud to partner with InterfaceSERVICES, experts in carpet reclamation, as part of this earth-friendly effort to divert old carpet from a landfill. Through ReEntry, at the end of its useful life all carpet types can be reclaimed FREE* of charge from our customers and reused to make new carpet.

ReEntry is designed to find the best sustainable solution for old carpet, whether it’s recycled into new materials like new backing, upcycled into more valuable products, downcycled into less valuable products, or repurposed in another setting. The ReEntry carpet reclamation program also helps companies avoid costly landfill disposal fees and stringent government restrictions.

ReEntry is noted as one of the most aggressive and successful carpet recycling programs in the floorcovering industry. Since its inception in 1994, the ReEntry carpet reclamation program has reclaimed more than 94 million pounds of carpet. And, Configuration Chicago is proud to contribute and commit to this effort.

What a great way to minimize and/or eliminate the negative impact on the earth for the next generations! 

If you are interested in learning more about carpet reclamation on your project, please call Configuration Chicago at 312-235-0575.


* Restrictions may apply.


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