CCI Careers

Seeking intreprenuers to help our company and customers succeed. What is an intraprenuer? An intraprenuer is a person employed to work independently within a company in order to introduce innovation and to revitalize and diversify its business. Intraprenuers conduct activities within a corporation BUT they receive organizational support and resources commitments for the purpose of an innovative new business experience within the organization itself.

CCI is an award winning company specializing in furniture sales, installation, reconfiguration and project management. We are committed to doing well, so we can do good. This means we much serve our customers with excellence, be innovative, forward thinking and profitable so we can then serve our community.

We're committed to building a business culture based on providing our staff with the resources they need to be success and the freedom to be themselves. That's why we only hire intraprenuers!

To learn more about specific career opportunities at CCI, please use the link below. CCI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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